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this was for something and then, true to form, i didn’t finish it in time 

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amazing Aku gif from Samurai Jack


After a whole WEEK of measurements and redrawing, it’s FINALLY done.

Behold, my most ambitious looping gif EVER.

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yeah I’m that guy

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Just don’t be afraid

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One of the best monologues I’ve seen.

From the series “Enlightened” Season 2 Episode: Lonely Ghosts

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Soft Grunge!Cas.

Per request, my contribution to the Soft Cas meme on a separate post. A big thank you to Twinkstiel and Lostloona for their help. ♥

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Last artwork of the year! I fell in love with this photo set by Grimmhardt and used the top image as a reference picture for this portrait of Dean.

Watercolor, inks, Prismacolor pencils, Liquitex (acrylic painting) for the white highlights. 13,5 x 20 cm sketchbook, watercolor paper.

Dec 26
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Grandpa Rudolph by Kobb

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer grew to be a strong old buck, and when his grandson Randall was born… he’d inherited Rudolph’s glow. In his hooves.

That’s fucking adorable.

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Inception Tropes: Mysterious Past

This trope provides the writers with enormous freedom to have previously unknown (to the viewer and possibly also the character) relationships to other characters, special skills, etc. In effect, since nothing is known, anything can be true.

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